Hi There! I’m Benno

I’m a Firestarter at Let’s Start a Fire and I create graphic designs as a freelance designer.

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Graphic Designer

As a Graphic Designer I focus on capturing the essence of what you want to share with the world. What’s the story? What’s the intention? What does it have to communicate? Coming back to my personal mission, my goal with design is to create something you can build upon, a foundation, a solid ground. For example a brand identity or a logo that truly captures what you or your company stand for. Something that you can use to bring your story to life. Another thing I really love is making colorful infographics that visualize a story or some interesting info with the intention to inspire people.

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Logos • Brand identities • Businesscards • Flyers • Websites • Etc.

Infographics • Explanatory graphics • Book illustrations • Etc.

Impression videos • Drone videos* • Explanatory videos • Etc.

*drone videos in collaboration with Steven Bootsma.

Firestarter/ Find Your Why facilitator

As a Firestarter I help people and teams to (re)start their Inner Fire. This is the energy that fuels inspiration, team-spirit and willpower. Together with Linda I organise different kinds of activities about finding your purpose, training your creative mindset, and building strong teams. My favorite thing with Let’s Start a Fire is seeing people feeling safe and inspired to follow their hreat, live in oneness with the world around them, and enjoy life in their own unique way.

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Some of the things we do

Helping you to find your or your team Why. Knowing the Why adds a sense of purpose and fulfillment to all that you do.

Teambuilding by playing drums together, and triggering your primal instincts.

Helping you to boost your creative mindset or doing some creative teambuilding activities.


To come back to ‘providing solid ground’, with drumming it’s my job to create a strong foundation for a song. A beat that others can build upon. But for me drumming is more than just playing and enjoying music. It’s more like a meditation for me, when I find a groove that feels right, I can just go and let my mind wander endlessly. But in the end there is nothing more exciting that going onstage and perform in front of an audience.

My drumvideos

Some of the covers I did

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